I’m a big fan of using calendar events in managing my trading business.

A chance to close out one chapter and to start another.

So here we are in July, midway through the year. And I want to suggest to you that this offers the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on your performance so far.

Yes, I know you conduct daily reviews. And perhaps work each weekend to review your performance and plan for the week ahead.

But let’s think BIGGER PICTURE.

Seriously, how often do we take time out to stop and reconsider everything, from first principles. Take several days; a week if necessary. And consider whether or not the path you are currently on has the ability to take you to where you want to go.

We truly get so caught up in our day to day and week to week grind, that we rarely take time out to reassess.

I’m giving you permission to do so.

ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR TRADING PERFORMANCE. Do not continue past this day with the same plan.

Pause. And allow yourself a week off, to honestly assess the current state of your performance and to plan and prepare for a new way forward.

<image: Mid-Year Reset>

Higher “conceptual-level” planning is fine for the latter stages. Confirmation that your markets and strategy do offer potential to achieve this outcome.

Progress though is always step by step. One step at a time.

So focus your detailed planning on the very next step.

<image: Mid-Year Reset>

One step at a time…

<image: Mid-Year Reset>

Nothing will change in the second half of the year, unless you change it.

Take some time out (as much as is necessary).

Review your performance.

Hit that reset button.

<image: Mid-Year Reset>

And start again, better and smarter than before.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs

PS. And if you need a strategy to provide some STRUCTURE to your analysis and trading, you’ll find it here.



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