As NinjaTrader is my primary platform (and also appears to be for many of my readers) I thought I'd add a page to my website with any tips and techniques that I've come across. The intent is to not cover anything that should be obvious from use of the primary toolbar or menu items (such as how to open a chart or create and save workspaces) but rather to share (a) anything that caused me troubles and required a search to find the answer, plus (b) anything cool that I come across but wasn't aware of.

Good Places to Search

If you don't find your answers below, try the following locations:



Restoring an Accidentally Deleted Instrument to the Instrument Manager

When you accidentally delete an instrument from the instrument manager, you can restore it as follows:

  • Disconnect from your data provider
  • On the Control Center select Tools -> Options
  • Select the Data tab
  • Press the Reset Instruments button
  • Restart NinjaTrader

Note: Any changes you may have made to the instruments settings will be reset to the original defaults.


Deleting Replay Data

  • Go to My Documents / Ninja Trader 7 / db / data
  • Delete the folders for the dates you wish to remove.


Adding Indicators to a Chart based upon Different Timeframes


Backing up Settings to a Second PC


Plotting an Indicator Based on Another Indicator


Using Global Drawing Objects (to display a drawn object across all charts for a particular instrument)


Using Market Replay


Futures Contract Rollover


Adjusting and Customising Rollover Dates


NinjaTrader Workspace Changer

As much as I love NinjaTrader, there is still much scope for improvement. One of these areas is the awkward way they require us to change workspaces.

Well, here's a fix courtesy of a kind contributor to the Ninja Forums (someone who goes by the username Snaphook I believe!):

Go to the Ninja Forums:

Scroll down and enter this page:

Indicators are stored alphabetically, so you'll find it under "W" (currently the last page).

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