This is an example of an incredibly common question I receive from new and developing traders.

<image: One Step at a Time>

Ok, let me first just point out that the “many courses” does not include my course.  🙂

That’s not the point though.

The point is in the highlighted sections – all he does to date is lose money – and he’s hoping that my course can make him 75 points per market per day.

My response…

<image: One Step at a Time>

I’m reminded of a flowchart that was presented just over five years ago in the following article series.

There are no Game Cheats that can jump you straight to the end goal.

<image: One Step at a Time>

It’s a step by step process of growth and development.

<image: One Step at a Time>

And progress along this path is not a magic outcome of strategy, but rather a result of an effective review and feedback loop.

<image: One Step at a Time>

<image: One Step at a Time>

Whether this trader decides to reboot his trading with the YTC Price Action Trader, or make a second attempt with one of his prior courses, this is the path he needs to take.

Not viewing the strategy as the source of his success. And not abandoning it and moving to a new one, because it doesn’t immediately provide 75 points per market per day.

But instead seeing it as the means through which he structures the market and identifies opportunity. And the foundation from which he then develops skill and expertise, incrementally, one step at a time, through the various stages of losing to breakeven to small profits to increasing profits.

First – just prove you can average around breakeven over a few series of trades. This alone will have you advancing beyond the level of most wannabe traders.

Best of luck,

Lance Beggs



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