We recently shared some post-trade reviews from Josh, who is doing exceptional work in creating a trade review journal for his longer timeframe forex trading (daily charts).

See the trade reviews here if you missed them: https://www.yourtradingcoach.com/trading-business/Trade-Review-Examples/

But a trade review journal is not the only option you have.

Today I'd like to share a chart that came to me with some email Q&A, from Greg, who also operates in the forex markets but on much shorter timeframes.

What I like about this is the fact that Greg produces a chart like this after EVERY session. He keeps them in a personal blog; but you could do the same via any journaling application or even printouts stored in a binder. 

Greg displays the trading timeframe chart overlayed with the following information:

  • Key support and resistance levels

  • One or two key price action or market structure observations (eg. something that stands out with regards strength / weakness analysis, traps or price interaction with key levels)

  • Setup opportunity (with a hindsight bias)

This is a variation on the Market Structure Journal which I outlined in this ebook: https://www.yourtradingcoach.com/products/ebooks/the-greatest-trading-book-ever.pdf

There is exceptional value in doing something like this, and it really only takes five to ten minutes once you're familiar with the process.

Firstly, it reinforces the key lessons you learned throughout the session.

Secondly, it allows you to make a comparison between your actual performance and hindsight perfect performance.

And finally, it provides a valuable resource that can be reviewed in future, to reinforce the lessons learned.

Imagine if you did something like this after every session for the next twelve months. You'd have a review folder with well over 200 charts of market structure, price action and setup notes. Without doubt, the greatest trading book – ever!

Note: The image has been reduced in size. Click on the image to open a larger copy in a new browser window.

post-session chart review example

Lance Beggs

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