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<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

This is a concept that is SO important.

Everyone studies their trades. Primarily their losing trades.

I want you to study the environment as well. Both those that prove incredibly challenging AND those that offer incredible opportunity.

This post focussed on the latter. Sessions that offer incredible opportunity. Sessions that have potential to make your month.

It’s a theme that has been repeated numerous times on social media. I’ll share a few examples from just the last two years, to really highlight the point. And then we’ll follow it up with brief look at the concept on Monday’s chart. Because it’s time to bring this topic to the blog and the newsletter as well.

June 2021:

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

January 2021:

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

September 2020:

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

February 2020:  (Way back when we had the old image template. I must say… I’m really happy with the change!)

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

And for one that is a little different, touching on the “weekend review” but with a different main point:

August 2021:

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

Alright, that is surely enough!

I think we all get the point. 🙂

Your market and timeframe may well differ from mine. And the environment you see as offering outsized returns may well differ from what I see. This doesn’t matter.

When post-session (hindsight) review shows a session which offered potential for great profits, take note of this and return to it on the weekend.

They demand study.

They demand replay.

Or at the very least, stepping bar-by-bar through both Trading Timeframe and Lower Timeframe charts.

The primary focus for me, from last Monday, will be the initial opening momentum drive. This has the potential to start the session right and to place me in a good mindset to better manage the trending action which followed.

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

Let me offer a hint for the first question. There is one thing I watch out for that ALWAYS has me recognising potential for an opening momentum drive (until proven otherwise).

<image: Sessions with Potential to Make Your Month>

Those who trade NQ (or MNQ): Close down this browser or email and open up your charts. Replay this session. In particular, the opening drive from the break & hold above the prior day’s high at 09:36 through to the change of trend at 10:15. FEEL the bullishness within the movement. And the weakness within every attempt to retrace lower.

For those who don’t trade NQ or MNQ, maybe take some time to find the most recent similar opportunity in your market. And study it.

This opportunity has passed. But there will be more days like this in the future.

Our job now is to do all we can to be ready to exploit the next opportunity.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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