This video was one of the very first that I produced for this site, back in early 2008.

It used to be offered as a subscription bonus…. but I’ve decided now (May 2011) to remove it from there and make it available to everyone via this website page.

The video production is incredibly amateur, but the information is as relevant today as it was when first produced. I hope you get something of value out of the video.

Please note:

(1) This video is large – just over 37 Mb. Although it is a streaming video, 20% will need to load before it starts playing.

So please be patient while the “loading” screen shows. It will get there. And if you’re on dialup, may I suggest you go and get your favorite beverage and sit back & relax while waiting for it to load.

(2) The reference towards the end of the video to email Q&A is no longer relevant. See here for my current Email Q&A Policy.


(If the video image is not showing, then go here to see the video page.)

Lance Beggs


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