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Edge… not just through setups. By themselves, they are NOT enough.

You need to know the environment best suited for deploying these setups. The time of day. The market conditions for pressing hard. The market conditions for stepping back a little. The market conditions to completely avoid.

You need to know how your personal state impacts upon any market edge. When you’re on your game. When you’re off your game. And how you should adjust your trading at both times.

You need methods for avoiding impulsive entry when there is no edge. Like this one here – ridiculously simple but incredibly effective.

And you need a mindset sufficiently developed to allow clear and decisive entry when the edge is screaming out to be traded.

Pick an area which needs improving. And focus intently to master it.

Step by step, incrementally improving in skill and confidence. You’ve got this!

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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