The business of trading is a dynamic and ever-evolving process of growth and development.

You don't ever reach the finished state. Instead, you're always in the process of "becoming" a better trader.

Novices make the assumption that when they find the right system, then the job is complete. Nothing is further from the truth!

As an example, here is a small sample of the tasks on my "to do" planner, as at the time of writing this article (5th March 2013).


  • Transition from US markets to Asian futures markets in order to reduce the impact of chronic fatigue on my personal performance.
  • Complete the 8-week meditation course run through local university Buddhist society.
  • Research techniques for maintaining good eyesight / reducing eye strain.



  • Work on increasing position size (long overdue)!
  • More research into risk-on/risk-off trade management (managing risk through size).



  • Examine objective methods of identifying and classifying the market environment. Is there scope to use a subjective overlay on this (much as I do with trend assessment).
  • Reconsider the use of cumulative delta as a tool to support my assessment of bias.



  • Decision making in uncertainty.



  • Finalise transition of journals and trading logs from hardcopy to electronic.


There are many other tasks on my task-list, which I have not included here. This is just a snapshot to give you an idea of the categories which I use and the kind of tasks within each category.

If you're not tracking and planning your growth and development, consider getting started with a simple spreadsheet or an application such as OneNote or Evernote.

And use your task-list to drive your monthly, weekly and daily focus items –

As a trader there is no perfection to attain. Only a process of becoming.

The question is… what are you becoming?

Are you driving the process towards improved performance, or are you leaving it up to random chance? 

Lance Beggs

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