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    1. Life outside of trading refers things such as:

      – Being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy
      – Being financially secure (sufficient income to cover expenses)
      – Having supporting and loving relationships
      – Having time for trading and the other things you love
      – Having interests outside of trading


  1. From some email Q&A with another reader, in relation to the idea of winning with the “pre-session routines” and “post-session routines”:

    Q. What do I need to focus on for the pre market open?
    Q. What should I focus on in the post market?

    The intent of the article was to have people work towards:

    (a) Ensuring consistency in performance of both routines.

    This will require that (i) both routines are documented so that standard process is followed each day, (ii) life and family routines allow time for completion of the pre and post-session routines, and (iii) motivation is maintained to ensure they’re completed.

    Essentially, it needs to become a daily habit.

    (b) Ensuring that the pre-session routine is effective in having you fully prepared for the session.

    This will evolve over time as you gain expertise and identify deficiencies or strengths within our routines and your trading processes. Trial and error! 🙂

    But the aim is that you approach the session ready from both a technical perspective (platform set up, all pre-session analysis complete) and a personal perspective (focused and ready physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).

    (c) Ensuring that the post-session routine is effective in driving further growth and development.

    Again this will evolve through a process of trial and error, until you find something that works well for you. YTC Price Action Trader provided my routines as at the time of publication. Use them as a starting point, if your own routines are not yet clearly defined.

    The aim is a process which continues to bridge that gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

  2. Lance,

    Your map for trading success goes beyond trading and is a formula for any endeavor one wishes to take on. In fact, the map is a guide for living one’s life.

    Really wonderful work Lance. I’ve been following you for years, I think from the beginning. You’re a class act!

  3. Lance,
    Appreciate this post and it has been something I started working towards in the last 3 months (based on your earlier advice). I have quit my high stress, long hours and long commute job for a laid back and work/life balance job. The difference has been day and night in terms of the energy and time I have now.

    I have started using this time to work on my health and now that I am getting my life in order, I am starting to read your material and hopefully carry this momentum into my trading.

    1. Farhan,

      That is absolutely fantastic news. Congratulations on taking decisive and courageous action to put your life in good order. I hope the longer-term benefits of a healthier mind and body continue to extend throughout all other aspects of your life… including your trading career.

      All the best,

      PS. You’ve made my day!!! 🙂

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