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Could you please take a quick look at these setups and tell me what you think. Is my line of thought correct?

With hindsight both of these pullbacks seem to me valid entries long.

I think in both cases the small bearish traps at the end of PBs/CPBs play a significant role and add to the validity of long entry.

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Yes, with hindsight both these pullbacks seem valid. But it's very difficult price action; not smooth and flowing at all. It would be difficult to take them live.

See the image below for another option, when price action is messy and choppy like this.

Lance Beggs

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  1. Your tips was very useful for me Mr Beggs.I personally use 123 pattern in lower time frame than the setup time frame for early entry in order to get the better R:R ratio.but I have a problem with entry based on this pattern.When can I accept the confirmation of second swing high/low in 123 pattern?I always wait to see any reversal candle stick pattern after the first bounce and consider it as a higher swing high/lower swing low and set stop order beyond it but I am not sure that is right.please guide me.

    1. Hi Pejman,

      I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly what you’re doing here. Can you please email me with a chart example, or diagram, along with a description. support (at)


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