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I would like to see a side by side comparison of the various candlestick chart patterns & equivalent bar chart patterns.

In other words, what does a Shooting Star look like on a bar chart? The same with a Harami, Dark Cloud, Piercing, Engulfing, Morning Star, etc.

Thank You!!!


No problems at all. Great idea! Many people don't realise it, but candlestick patterns may also be displayed via OHLC Price Bars. The data is exactly the same. It's a great idea to learn to see the sentiment changing in both formats!

You'll find the images below.

If you want to print it though, get it first in PDF format at my ebook page:

candlesticks equal price bars

shooting star reversal pattern

hanging man reversal pattern

hammer reversal pattern

inverted hammer reversal pattern

doji reversal pattern

harami reversal pattern

dark cloud cover reversal pattern

piercing pattern reversal pattern

bearish engulfing reversal pattern

bullish engulfing reversal pattern

evening star reversal pattern

morning star reversal pattern

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