Hey Candlestick Traders,

Now that we’ve completed the whole Candlestick Video series, I thought it might help if they were all on one page. It saves you jumping from page to page after every video.

Enjoy …

Candlestick Patterns – Candlestick Design


Candlestick Patterns – Candlestick Sentiment


Candlestick Patterns – Candle Addition and Development


Candlestick Patterns – Candle Pattern Stages


Candlestick Patterns – Shooting Star


Candlestick Patterns – Hanging Man


Candlestick Patterns – Hammer


Candlestick Patterns – Inverted Hammer


Candlestick Patterns – Doji


Candlestick Patterns – Harami


Candlestick Patterns – Dark Cloud Cover


Candlestick Patterns – Piercing Pattern


Candlestick Patterns – The Bearish Engulfing Pattern


Candlestick Patterns – The Bullish Engulfing Pattern


Candlestick Patterns – Evening Star


Candlestick Patterns – Morning Star


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  1. Thanks Lance.
    Every time I review these series videos on candlestick reversal patterns , I get additional value.
    I must say these are really good addition to the YTC course materials, volume 3 in particular.
    Getting closer to building the level of confidence necessary to become a consistently profitable trader.
    Really looking forward to doing this full-time at the appropriate time though.
    Until then, my focus is on learning to become 1% better every day

    1. Thanks George.

      I’m often tempted to remove these videos. They’re so old now, with production quality very poor by current standards. But people still seem to find great value in them, so I guess they’ll stay for now.

      Thanks for your feedback. Best of luck with the 1% growth – that’s the exact way to do it. πŸ™‚


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