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The concept:

I've been writing online for over a decade now. And for that whole time I've been promoting the idea of daily study in both Market Structure and Price Action.

It's a simple task that takes no more than five minutes, but which offers incredible value to your own learning and development.

Sometimes this study fits within certain themes, if there is a particular feature of market structure which I want to focus on for a period of time.

Often though, it's completely unstructured. Simply searching for whatever captures my attention.

Either way, every trading day after the session is over, I look to the charts to find something interesting. Having done this for so long the findings are usually just reinforcing prior lessons. But occasionally, they'll uncover something new which can lead to further exploration, further learning and further growth and development.

The following are examples of entries in my Market Structure & Price Action Journal; although tidied up and expanded upon slightly to work in newsletter article & blog format. (The real journal rarely needs more than one image and a small handful of notes.)

I hope you find it useful. If you do, consider starting your own Market Structure & Price Action Journal.


Tuesday, 13th August 2019:

What a day this was. Or at least, what a day it started out as!

The opening drive was the feature of two social media posts. I'll copy them here if you missed them.

Post one:

<image: Opening drive post one>

And post two:

<image: Opening drive post one> 

I'm off track though. The opening drive was NOT the focus of my Market Structure & Price Action (MSPA) Journal.

Trades journal – yes.

Post session review – yes.

Because I underperformed.

But for the MSPA study, I found this interesting…

<image: Daily Market Structure and Price Action Study> 

A break of the initial balance area (opening hour) is a high probability occurrence. But despite all of that initial momentum, price could not continue.

Not even just up to retest the initial balance high. 

I was reminded of a previous MSPA entry from 30th of July, which was also shared via social media.

<image: Strong Opening Drives do not always continue> 

So the lesson today was simply a reminder of a pre-existing one. The fact that no matter how strong we see the market moving at the open, this is no guarantee of a trend day.

Sure, it might be. And we act as if it will be until proven otherwise.

But like all market analysis, we need to recognise that at best we're dealing with probabilities.

There is great danger in holding onto a belief in the state of the market, as if it's a certain thing.

Assess the state of the market. Act in accordance with that view. But don't trust it to hold forever.


  • Remain flexible in mindset at all times. There is no certainty. Nothing lasts forever in the markets. And when it changes, it can happen rapidly.
  • A strong opening drive is not always guaranteed to lead to a trend day.


Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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