Every session contains learning opportunity!

In fact… multiple learning opportunities.

Review EVERY one of your trading sessions. And find something!

Whether it's in something you did poorly, something you did really well, or perhaps even something you missed entirely. There's a lesson. Find it!

Whether it's a new insight. Or reinforcement of the basics. There's a lesson. Find it!

Let's look at this session:

trading - find the lesson

Lesson 1: The value of a self-imposed time out when underperforming.

trading - find the lesson

Lesson 2: The importance of maximising opportunity when it is available, to overcome those prior periods of underperformance.

trading - find the lesson

Lesson 3: Adjusting tactics to suit the conditions.

trading - find the lesson

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And of course the YTC Newsletter signup bonus ebook, “The LOST Files – 150 Lost YTC Blog Posts”, where every post is an example of this concept of finding a lesson in every session.

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