For all those times I'm asked by email, "Why were you selling today when the market is bullish?" or "Why were you buying today when the market is bearish?"

Bullish or bearish?

Bullish or bearish?

Bullish or bearish?

So when someone says that a market is bullish… or that a market is bearish… that actually means nothing without some idea of time scale.


Lance Beggs

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  1. A short post with a million dollar point which I hope everyone note it specially beginner traders.
    Thank you for the valuable post.

  2. i think the pertinent question is … Is the timeframe bullish or bearish and the application of Laws of multiple timeframes , best trades some when the trading timeframe and anchor timeframe align , best bang for buck going with primary trend …. Laws for those interested , thanks to perry kaufman


    1. Every time frame has its own structure.

    2. The higher time frames overrule the lower time frames.

    3. Prices in the lower time frame structure tend to respect the energy points of the higher time frame structure.

    4. The energy points of support/resistance created by the higher time frame’s vibration (prices) can be validated by the action of lower time periods.

    5. The trend created by the next time period enables us to define the tradable trend.

    6. What appears to be chaos in one time period can be order in another time period

    Really enjoy your work Lance

    1. Thanks Brisvegas! Which Perry Kaufman book did this come from? Or… perhaps put a better way…do you have one of his books which you particularly recommend?

      1. The Laws came from Kaufmans ” Trading Systems and Methods ” starting pages 838 , its a large read and actually turns out Kaufman is quoting Robert Krausz . As far as books go I just take the bits that resonate with me and ignore what doesnt so its hard to recommend any books in their entirety . As it would appear we are similar in the aspect of having your “own” method that suits your personality and understanding . Loved your interview on chatwithtraders , the journey is so similar for most traders , nothing beats experience


        1. Thanks. I’ve never actually read any of Kaufman’s books. I’ve added this one to my book list for future purchase. Although at over 1100 pages I won’t be surprised if I keep bumping it lower on the list as it gets to the top. That’s going to be a serious commitment in time. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    always a very interesting read! Thank you!

    Just wondering if we really always need to know the trend,
    or the bias can be enough,
    to come to a decision …

    1. I maintain an assessment of both trend and bias, because in my view the bias is determined from analysis of the trend. It’s a projection of the trend forward based upon a number of simple principles.

      But if you had some different way of assessing bias without first assessing trend, I guess that would be fine. It’s not how I operate though.

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