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  1. Even tho you have gone thru the process numerious times, I found this article to be very helpful and enlightening. The way you broke down the market and price action was excellant but the summarization of the process with graphics is very clear. I learn best through pictures and this really hit the nail.

    Thank you for your awesome work and time.

  2. Dear Lance,
    First of all, kindly let me thank you very much for the “It’s a process” articles which are extremely useful and applicable like your other articles. And then let me say that teachers like you who face the traders with the clear realities of market and teach them the best possible method, are generous and blessed people which make the lives happy and bright.
    Thank you and long live dear Lance.

  3. How to define a wholesale entry,
    Because there are lot of options of price to buy after pull back,so
    Which price is wholesale how to define that..

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