Expect breakeven trades… it's just part of the game!

expect breakeven trades

Expect many small losses… it's just part of the game!

expect small losing trades

Expect many small wins… it's just part of the game!

expect small win trades

And while we're at it, expect many missed trades… it's just part of the game!

expect missed trades

Aim for these misses, scratches, small wins and small losses to overall cancel each other out, cover costs, and ideally grind out a small rising equity curve.

And expect the occasional larger win which gives a real boost to your equity curve.

expect occasional larger winning trades

But under no circumstances should you allow your losses to become larger than their initial 1R risk.


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  1. Wow…i am just about to write out my trading plan today. I ran into this post just at the right time. I am struggling with consistency, and my biggest challenge is scratching trades that did not move as expected. Even when its clear that the reason for the trade have been violated. I will sit and hope that price will reverse. Inevitably what happens is that my stop loss will be hit. This post is a huge eye opener for me on how to handle these situations. Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks Uche,

      I appreciate the feedback and am really pleased you got value from this article. Best of luck with your trading… and with keeping your losses SMALL.


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