Spring the Trap


I'm not a pattern trader. I look at the internal strength and weakness within the price movement; seeking opportunity at places of traps or weakness against the bias.

But there are some patterns that are based around similar concepts, such as the Wyckoff Spring and Upthrust. If you trade patterns, these are two which you should have in your trading arsenal.

I recently received the following message from another trader, showing an excellent example of a Spring.

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Let's zoom in on the image a little:

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

There are two absolute facts here!

First, at around 3:20am in my timezone, this was 20 minutes after my session had finished.  (I can't stay up all night!!!)

And secondly, it is a beautiful example of a spring. I immediately thought I had to share this one. Part of what appeals to me is the rather "messy" price action – it's a REAL example, not a textbook perfect example.

So let's look at the charts in a little more detail.

Higher Timeframe first in order to get a little context…

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Let's now look at the Trading Timeframe…

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Trapped Traders - Spring Pattern

Could the breakout have worked? Could price have fallen and held below the S/R level?


And if that was the case I'd be looking for a breakout pullback trade setup on retest of the level.

But my thoughts on a break such as this are always "watch for failure"!

A rapid rejection of an obvious level of support can provide great trade opportunity LONG.

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs

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YourTradingCoach - Admin

6 Comments to “Spring the Trap”

  1. Donald says:

    So funny =)) ” Are you serious? WTF! Drop lower damn you “. Sometimes I was in this situation:D

  2. Marcus says:

    Another great lesson, my thanks.

  3. Edobor Igbinigie says:

    Thanks Lance, you have been such an amazing coach like you web says,you ebook & you articles have made me a consistant trader,though i am still trading on the demo acc.but now at the end of every month with a 5000 dollars acc.i make a 3,4 or 5 thousand dollars return for the past 6months,your volume 2 & 3 brought me great insight after studying it over & over,now i can read the inner workings & stories candles tells on the trading time frame,like you always say there are no holy grails in trading,their is the sweating of the brain,thanks lance for all the encouragment you are the best in this game,once again thanks for your honesty & God bless.

    • Lance Beggs says:

      Hi Edobor,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m pleased that I was able to have some positive influence on your trading journey. Thank you! πŸ™‚
      I hope the positive results continue as you transition from demo to a live account at some stage in the future. Be sure to start live with the minimum position size possible though… baby steps. Follow the graduated development plan in Volume 5.
      Thanks again and all the best for the future,

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