Fact: There is a disconnect in the mind of the novice trader.

  • They know that not every trade will win.

  • But upon entering a trade, they desperately hope that it will win.

Hoping your trade will win increases the potential for poor trade management.

Hoping to win means difficulty taking a loss. Hoping to win means a desire to
take profits too soon.

But the aim is not to win on every single trade.

There is TOO much focus on win%.

There is not enough focus on win/loss size ratio.

Stop hoping to win on every trade.

Replace that mindset with one aiming for just 50/50 (or whatever ratio might
suit your style of trading). Expect to profit over a sample of trades through
keeping your average winners larger than your average losers.

That is, profit from good trade management!


stop hoping to win


Your task is to ensure that on entry there is NO MORE thinking, "I hope this one wins!"

Consciously make your first thought on entry, "Expect 50/50. I profit from a good
trade management."


stop hoping to win



"Expect 50/50. I profit from a good trade management."

Then just manage risk and opportunity, making sure that your average losing
trade is smaller than your average winning trade.

Note the term average… this implies stats kept over a SERIES of trades. Win or
lose on this one particular trade… doesn't matter!



stop hoping to win



This is a subtle shift in mindset away from "outcome focus" and more towards
"process focus".

"Expect 50/50. I profit from a good trade management."



stop hoping to win


Happy trading,

Lance Beggs


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  1. Hi Lance, great article as always! I conclude that in order to manage trades well first i have to lose my fear of losing and getting into the trade again if it triggers another entry. It all comes down to being nimble.

    Thanks for your insight!

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