In my experience, most traders are too focused on individual trade results.

Individual trade results do not matter (provided of course they do not violate your trade, session or longer timeframe drawdown limits).

You need to expand your focus beyond the individual win or loss. Once you've proven your strategy in a sim environment, the only way you'll be able to identify the live environment psych, risk acceptance or execution issues that need addressing, is through trading your strategy for a sequence of trades. And then reviewing that sequence in-depth to find your strength and weaknesses; to find those elements which contribute to greater profits; and those which damage your overall P&L.

So stop hesitating. Pre-accept your risk and take your trades for a full week or 20 trade sample (or however else you wish to define your sequence length). Surrender your fate to the markets. And look at your results in-depth on achievement of your complete sample size.

Don't hesitate!

Enter… and surrender your fate to the markets!

(The following examples are not a sufficient number of trades to constitute a complete sample size, but are included as an example of the mindset related to individual trade results. Win, lose or breakeven… we accept the result and move on!)

trade sequence 1

trade sequence 2

trade sequence 3

trade sequence 4

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