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  1. This was great. I found these even more helpful now, a few years into my trading journey, then I did when I first watched these in the beginning.

    1. Thanks. I haven’t watched these for years myself. I’m glad they continue to provide good info for traders. (Sorry about the poor production quality on those vids… I was new to that stuff!)

  2. I found a lot of value in watching your videos on the Exit strategy. I often struggle a lot to decide what’s the best exist strategy for me. I usually keep an eye (market awareness) on the strength/weakness of the price action in the direction of my trade and decide whether I want to let my winners ride or take the profit and exit. As you rightly mentioned, there is no right strategy that works every time. What REALLY matter is that you end up making a profit (even if its a small one) than a loss (at least minimize it as much as you can) to fight another day. Thank you Lance for sharing these video series!

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