Last Friday at 9:28am, just two minutes before the Regular Trading Hours (RTH) Open, the market suddenly jumped.

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

That's right – it's a trap RIGHT BEFORE the regular session open.

See here if you missed the prior articles:


Here is the general idea, in both bullish and bearish form:

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

Well today we got the second version – a trap through overnight resistance which rapidly fails.

And so we'll be looking for opportunity to enter SHORT.

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>

Let's try something different though…

Rather than sharing my trading, I'd like to share a chart from a trader who has recently been making good progress with the YTC Price Action Trader methodology.

Having read the recent "trap before RTH open" articles he's been aware of this opportunity, but hasn't managed to catch one prior to this session.

This time was different.

His email:

Hi Lance,

I hope you've had a great week.

I just wanted to follow up again to say THANK YOU! I've come so far in my trading since I purchased your book back in October. I read all of your Twitter posts and newsletters and the topic that kept standing out was the BOF just before the open and how to trade it. I kept watching it happen and would miss the opportunity to get involved. Consequently, that lead to me trying to find another BOF or TST in the opposite direction of the opening drive, which resulted in small losses that were frustrating. I finally decided that when I see this again, I will get involved on a PB or CPB and if I miss the trade then I miss the trade…put it behind you and move on.

Today I saw a BOF just prior to the open on the NQ (I'm still trading the MNQ). I was ready and I executed without hesitation. In hindsight I could've managed the trade a little better but I'm very happy the process I went through to execute this trade. I have you to thank for this. Please know that your posts and newsletters are more helpful than you can imagine…and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. I attached my chart and this will definitely be one that I will reference regularly.

Thanks again for all you do…have a great weekend!


The "BOF" that he refers to is the YTC Price Action Trader name for the trap. The PB is the first setup short.

Hunter has included the following 30 second chart showing his trade entry and management. If you click on the chart it should open a full-size copy in your browser.

<image: Traps Just Before RTH Open>


Hunter – well done! That is a great trade.

The only thing better than catching a trap before the open, is seeing someone else learn from my prior articles and actually catch one themselves.

Some final words from Hunter:

I really enjoy reading about other traders' experiences and I hope that my experience can help others as well. Just as a reference, in case anyone asks, I use Interactive Brokers for my charts and as my broker. I'm only trading 3 contract lots of the micro futures MNQ, MES, and M2K. I started with 2 contracts and will increase my contract size as I continue to progress. Again, thank you for your encouragement and for all that you do for the trading community. Have a great weekend!

Happy trading,

Lance Beggs



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  1. Great Trade Hunter, congrats, all the best with your trading career, when you’re on a good thing, stick to it.

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