A common complaint I hear from traders is "the broker ran my stop!"

Here's the thing though… it's usually not your broker.

It's your failure to properly recognise the real nature of price movement.

The nature of the markets is one of tests, retests and probes of prior levels.

If you've developed a belief about the markets that does not allow for this you can't complain when your belief is found deficient!

This is the reality.

Expect price to test liquidity beyond a price level.

And adjust your plan to allow for this.

Learn to recognise a market movement with significant potential for a fakeout, and anticipate it, waiting to enter after the "stop run" has trapped out those who did not see this coming.

Happy trading, 

Lance Beggs

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Further to the above…

Sometimes you still get stopped out anyway!

In an uncertain environment, in which tests, retests and probes of levels should be considered normal, do you really expect that every entry should be perfect?

The session following the one above provided this example, that was shared via YTC Facebook. I've copied it here as well as it's relevant to the above discussion.

Stop outs are not the result of your broker being out to get you. It's just the nature of price movement! Accept it and learn to work with it.

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  1. Hi Mr. Lance
    Thanks for this great article

    This is one of the best filters to enter with more probability and less risk, and it’s always worth waiting longer, even if the price moves without me.!
    Other than the example you showed, does the market context help generate the retest premise?

    1. Hi Ari,

      Context plays a part in every setup. The simplest example being a market in a choppy, sideways accumulation or distribution phase. Look to recent examples of similar setups. If there is recent history of fakeouts, then it’s more likely they’ll continue to occur.


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