I want to expand upon an idea we discussed in a prior article – https://yourtradingcoach.com/trading-process-and-strategy/what-if-you-narrowed-your-focus/

That is the idea that while learning and developing as a trader, you may find greater value in narrowing your focus and specialising in just one small segment of the daily trading session.

The suggestion was that rather than fight through 6.5 hours of a full trading session, leaving little time to focus on replay and review, why not try to specialise in just the opening hour.

One hour of trading… during the time when the market most often (but not always) provides the best hourly range.

And then review!

Find the lessons… replay the sequence… and LEARN.

Get profitable on this short sequence of price action. Ignore the rest. You can always add it back later, if you wish.

Now let's expand upon this idea just slightly!

The opening hour is not the only option.

And the fact is that this type of sequence will not suit all traders.

<image: What if you narrowed your focus?>

<image: What if you narrowed your focus?>

If you like fast pace momentum drives and are comfortable with a little more "uncertainty", then perhaps you will love the open like I do. And enjoy the game of getting into sync with this new and evolving daily structure.

But again, this is not the only option.

If you don't find a liking to the pace and uncertainty of the open, then why not just let the opening structure play out. And then trade off that structure.

The opening hour is often referred to as the Initial Balance (IB) area.

Let the IB form. Let the market give you clues as to what type of day we might be in store for. Is it trending? Is it ranging? Is it volatile? Or is it dull and lifeless? Let the market set up some significant levels for you (IB high and low and any in-between).

And then trade off that already-formed structure.

You don't need to specialise in the opening hour. If you find you're not suited to that type of action, maybe you could specialise in trading from 10:30 through till midday?

<image: What if you narrowed your focus?>

<image: What if you narrowed your focus?>

There is no right or wrong.

The opening hour will sometimes offer incredible opportunity. At other times it will provide a real challenge.

The same applies for those trading after the opening hour. At times the structure and opportunity will be clear. Other times it will make for a very hard day at the office.

The point is that they offer different options for the trader who is struggling to gain some consistency. For someone who might benefit from narrowing their focus. And from specialising in a shorter sequence of price action and allowing greater time for replay, review and learning.

Play with both options and see what best fits your needs and your personality.

I like the opening sequences. They're faster. They offer incredible range at times.

But it's not the only option.

However you choose to do this, it's a simple concept.

Narrow your focus. Build expertise in one smaller sequence. And FIGHT to get off that cycle of continual failure.

Go for it! You can do this!

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