Rather than reinventing the wheel through production of a YTC Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis, I’m going to use this article to refer you to existing internet resources that already meet this need in a comprehensive, accurate and easy to read style.

This will allow me to focus on more advanced topics of "the application of technical analysis", rather than basic knowledge. So enjoy these resources but please return to YTC to take your knowledge to the next level.

The following are my current top two recommended sites. They contain some duplication of content so I recommend five minutes per site to skim through the material and pick the one that appeals the most to your reading style. Study that chosen site in full. And then skim the other to receive a different perspective and fill any gaps in knowledge.

It might help to bookmark them for future reference.

Note: Both sites are forex related. Don’t let that put you off if you’re trading other markets. The TA material is applicable across all markets. Just skim over the forex specific education (nature and role of the forex market and its participants etc).

Please advise if either link is no longer active so that I may update the page as soon as possible.


Lance Beggs

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