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Hi Lance

 I started my trading 5 years ago in the Emini Futures Markets.

One day win, one day loses.

I tried for many years to find a holy grail indicator, setup, or seminar.

All systems work sometimes for a short time.

All the time I had the sensation I was wrong with my “chart” approach to trading.

Finally I’ve discovered the truth in your book.

I now start my own process to becoming a real trader.

Thanks !!!

…Jorge P.

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The following testimonial is from an existing trader who has chosen to continue with their existing strategy, enhanced through the use of one key principle from the YTC Price Action Trader methodology… that of the Trapped Trader…

“Just to let you know I’m really pleased with your Price Action Trader stuff. I still trade as I used to, only with that trapped trader in my mind for the past 4 weeks.

Just look at the results.

I just keep reading chapter 2 and 3 that suits me fine.

Thanks again.”

… Hans from France

Results from Hans (above):

YTC Price Action Trader Testimonial

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I’ve just had the first hour of replay trading based on all you’ve taught me – reading strength & weakness, six principles, candle sentiment analysis with the purpose of maintaining focus on future trend direction – having my assessment on it, and clear market actions of what validates it and what invalidates it at all times.

I’ve replayed the 1st of November 2010, market TF (this day was not included in the printed learning sessions) – and absolutely EVERY-FREAKING-THING based on the principles has come true!!! I anticipated the emerging downtrend with razor-sharp precision, the pullback of it and riding the stops of trapped traders, then a small halt at lower SR level and based on previous strength, it’s breakout, then very weak pullback and breakout continuation………..

The sense of understanding the moving markets I experienced today was something that I never felt before in regards of trading. And all thanks to you. There are no “earthly”/”humanly” words that can describe my thanks to you. Thanks. Did I say thanks? Well, then thanks again Lance. THANKS!! 🙂

… Trader P.

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At this time all I can say is, Wow, this is awesome!

I just purchased your book a few days ago and am well into volume 2. I have been studying the markets for about 4 years now. Fundamentals, technicals, you name it.

However, you would not know that judging by my trading results thus far. Not exactly splendid!

Anyway, I have never read anything quite like your material in any other book about the market or trading. Sure, everybody has read about supply and demand etc… But I never really thought about looking at charts as people making decisions, instead of patterns and indicators. This is probably the best material I have ever read about the market and I can’t wait to finish your book and reread it again.

Simply brilliant!

… Todd P

Update: March 2011

I wanted to give you a big thank you for your book.

The Price Action Trader is my treasure over all the other trading books I have. I really love it. Will be rereading it several times.

If you ever write any more books in the future I will definitely be interested.

… Todd P

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Hi Lance, just a quick note to say, I’ve completed your course and have a BIG complaint, where were you 2 years ago. It would have saved thousands of euros and hours of my time!

This material is fantastic, it’s honest and really clear, you are a great teacher, because I’m sure there are many people who can trade price action, but would not be able to communicate it in the same way you do.

I have read tons of books, attended loads of courses and your material by far outshines them all.

I guess when the student is ready, the teacher will turn up and maybe if I had come across your stuff in the earlier days I wouldn’t have studied it as well as I have, because I was looking for the easy set-ups (holy-grails) and not learning, I mean really learning.

Even after going through your material, I still would probably rate myself a 3 maybe 4 out of 10 at this stage, but I know by re-reading, practicing and measuring constantly, I will make a great trader and reach a 7 or 8.

Thanks once again Lance, looking forward to receiving your ongoing newsletter and the next time your in (location removed) give us a shout and I’ll buy you a pint.

Cheers John B

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Really enjoying your book. Very easy to comprehend the ideas you put forward.

My perception of the markets has already changed for the better.

Great value,

…Mike K.

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It’s light years better than I’d ever hoped for and I feel a little embarrassed for getting it so cheaply, but gee, I am just blown away.

And every paragraph and section explains perfectly the material that just proceeded it.

Such a great write and a great edit.

… Brian O’Donnell, author of “How to be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy” plus “How to be Happy and Successful in Selling”

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I don’t know you, you don’t know me; however, I’d like the opportunity of communicating with your “List,” if I may?

I have to tell you and everyone how impressed I am with this material! I can’t believe the time and effort you must have put into this project. I am amazed that you can break this material down so well for those who don’t have the skills and knowledge, of a pilot – nor the math that must be involved to fly, to understand the movement of the market.

I am not quite a trader yet, I haven’t had a profitable month yet. (I’m down less than one percent but that isn’t profitable.) Do you know why? I couldn’t and didn’t understand the traders behind the candles. If the candles display an accurate representation of traders, those other (candles) traders were leaving me behind and I was guessing. I had no idea of how to view the candles and therefore the market. I couldn’t really make sense of the structure of the buyers and sellers as compared to the size of the candles, the swing or thrust of them or the order flow, or how to find the thoughts or fears of the opponent. Now, I can say I understand the information; it makes perfect sense with your descriptions. I’m not saying that after two days and two evenings I can ‘wear’ the information or react to it as if it is a part of me yet. Man! I’m so impressed!! You’ve made these charts and pages into people with fear, greed, feelings and provided an over-view of how to out-think (maybe just have more knowledge) or out-smart your opponent (maybe have more understanding) if you want to win. Unbelievable information; all compiled so nicely together that it makes sense. I believe this is the only information that anyone would ever need to read and understand, the market, to trade profitably. I believe this is what I have been missing. I have been at this learning curve about eighteen months (and I have spent money each month – some months wisely, some not so much). I haven’t taken any of the learning lightly. Seems to me that educators don’t seem to get into this type of information; you know, the kind that makes everything else fall into place and make sense.

Maybe you would entertain the idea of extending your initial offer to your list of current addresses by a day (or two); your list has no idea how much information is between only the pages of 100 and 200 (those are the pages I zeroed in on). Those hundred pages are worth five times what you are selling the ‘books’, ‘course,’ ‘information’ for.

Market structure, whatever one is looking for, or needing to understand, you have provided it all.

I horsed around for a while, maybe yes, maybe no, finally, what the heck? I’m so glad that I did purchase this series.

I hope others will see the value in it that I have seen in such a short time. You have given me more understanding of the big picture than I ever expected, and in a very short time.

Thank you!!

I wish you the best.


Marian B.

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Hi Lance

I’ve just completed reading your e-book and felt compelled to write a quick note to you to say thank you for authoring such an amazing text on price action.

I’ve been trading for a few years now, read quite a few books on trading but nothing has come close to your e-book. I especially like the way you identify strength and weaknesses in the trend and then determining possible future trend direction. No other books that I have read have explained it so well.

Thanks again.

…Soon W

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Thank you for the wisdom and downright logical and common sense thinking you have put into your Price Action Trader manual. I purchased it several weeks ago and am working my way through it, every opportunity I can get.

After having my ‘perfected-indicator-system-of-several-years-honing’ seriously fail me a few months ago, I am working my way back into trading.

Your manual is a breath of fresh air for me. My enthusiasm for trading is even starting to spark again…hence this email.

Thank you for all the advice and wisdom gleaned from your website, videos and now your manual!

It was a great day when I accidentally stumbled onto your website.

… Ron W.

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I have to tell you that I was going to wait to write a review upon completion of YTC Price Action Trader course. Quite honestly though, I simply cannot wait. I’m only half way through Vol #3 and am compelled to give you my opinion of your course.

I absolutely love the way you have taken us step by step through the process of trading. The time and effort it must have taken you in comparison to what your are charging for this course is simply a joke. How could something of such value cost so little? I truly believe that it stems from your passion for trading and because you care and want to give back to the trading community.

Thank you for your prompt and through response to all my questions and clarifying all issues. I am looking forward to any additional materials that you have planed for the future and will gladly pay for it, for I know that it will be of highest quality.

Just so you know, I am a 1000% satisfied customer and have been raving about your course to everyone I know.

Thanks again and god bless.

…Bijan M

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“Thank you for taking the time to share your insight. I consider Price Action Trader” to be the best trading book I have ever read regarding the art of raw trading.”

… Kel T

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“First let me say what a great ebook. I have been slowly going down this path over the last few months as I have realised that indicators and mechanical systems are just not for me. I had been a fan of your site and your book really helped me distil all the half thoughts and ideas which would have taken me months if not years to sort into some sort of order.

…Adrian F.

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“Thanks for the incredible work you provided with the YTC Price Action Trader. Having read all 6 volumes, I believe I’ve found the one skill that I need to cultivate as a trader, having a robust strategy that has the greatest chance to work in completely all market environments and in all markets – unlike previous strategies I used, which were all dependent on “good market conditions.”

… Pavel K.

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I have to say – very impressive and professional. I think I have read just about every thing ever written about trading and this is the best I have seen. I love the strategy and have been in a demo for two days and so far, wow! I think this is going to be just what I need to get me to a consistently profitable status. This is a lot of material to get through and I have really just started but I am sure I will have questions. This is a novel I just can’t put down… Thank you for providing this…

… Chris A.

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…its the best and most honest piece of work on trading I have come across.

… Tim Q

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It was a very detailed book with very logical concepts on trading and I loved it!

Loved the trade examples too!

I am currently in the process of printing historical charts and reviewing them (taking action). Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to your next product!”

… James

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“I am very impressed by the depth of thought which has gone into making the YTC PAT. The detail that the you have gone into in the PAT is amazing. You have presented the material very lucidly and in a friendly conversational tone. Hats off to you!”

… Aniruddha A.

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“Just read the YTC PAT – twice 🙂 Awesome work, really great!

What I think propelled it to another league than the average stuff out there was the chapter with the 10 detailed walk-throughs of actual trades, that helped me a lot.

Another great chapter was the “Take action”-part. I really liked your approach with analysis, training and more training before putting the money on the desk.”

… Thomas K.

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