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“Let me congratulate you on your book.

I feel like the market place has been totally demystified now and perhaps the largest compliment I can give is that I am no longer opening all those emails giving me trading tips or the latest system or indicator.

For the first time I feel I don’t need them and also understand that they don’t work.

Thank you.”

… Spencer A.

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Hi Lance,

I purchased Price Action Trader the first week it came out. With only 6 months experience in the ASX, I gave your course a go.

Late last year I went to the Trade Expo in Sydney, and I entered a 10-min simulated competition with 14 other traders and I WON! An Ipod was the prize. Anyway during those long minutes I was completely focused, in the zone, people were around me, trying to see what I was doing.

All up I made about 6 short positions and 6 long positions, in the space of 10 min. My wife couldn’t believe it. I’ve been meaning to send this message to you last year. I have finally come round to it!

Thanks Lance.

… Rob N.

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I can’t help but praise your brilliant work on the YTC PAT.

I have already spent hours and hours reading the ebook and continue to learn more and more as I go back and read it for the second time around. I have been a Daytrader for several years and have taken many courses on trading stocks, futures, forex and options…having spent thousands of dollars and not gained as much knowledge and clear understanding of trading as I learnt from your ebook. I also continue to learn valuable trading knowledge from your website and I can’t believe it’s free.

Thank you very much…your ebook is the best I’ve come across. Brilliant.

… Romeo Q.

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First let me say thank you for the time and energy you put into creating this outstanding ebook.

The best way I can describe it to others is a culmination of the finest points from all the trading books I’ve read (guess I didn’t need to highlight and bookmark all those pages after all!), married with a common sense framework, a unique perspective (“where’s the pain” changed my perspective forever) and demonstrated in many many realistic, practical scenarios.

… Chris H.

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I’d like to say thanks for providing a terrific website and an excellent book which I refer to with my friends as the “Trading Bible”.

… Nick S

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Everything in the PAT was important information!

Thank you for an awesome book!

… Johannes I

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First on YTC PAT: I’ve been working very hard on this since last October and am immensely pleased with the result. The more I work on this the more I appreciate the deep thought you put into identifying the process of becoming a trader. It’s still early days for me as a trader but I have some teaching experience. IMHO you excel at this. YTC PAT has enabled me to switch from a “learning the setups” logic to a “becoming a trader” logic. I am convinced that your method is an effective blueprint for successful and continuing trader development.

I did also buy YTC Scalper, simply because you always provide such great value…and everything you write has the ring of truth.

… Chris P.

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I have just finished reading the YTC PAT all 6 volumes, plus FAQ’s and I have to compliment you on the brilliant way you have simplified what can appear like “trying to knit fog” to the aspiring trader.

On finishing the read I reflected on its content and decided on an additional step which I have taken over the last 4 days. I have traded live with very tiny amounts to apply some of the techniques you have shared. The monetary amounts we are talking about amount to one crate of beer, so whilst sad to see it gone, it has helped my waistline and without doubt could be the most rewarding crate of beer I will remember!

For me this exposure has proved that your knowledge and experience is incredibly valuable. It follows that your guidance to step back from live trading and invest what will be many weeks of learning and practice is extremely founded.

Whilst you may think my additional step unorthodox it has given me some real exposure in some of the market interaction and steps involved and I can see overwhelmingly that the approaches have not only protected my capital in places but in places returned profit and where it has gone against me, the losses are small.

I just thought a few words to share how your YTC PAT has had a profound impact on my trading approach and without doubt I am a 100% convert. Today I am embarking on the structured learning stages you have outlined, inspired with the confidence that I will be a better trader when I pop out again to trade live.

Kind regards


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Hi Lance, No questions this time.

Just to once again thank you for your great course. I’m sure you don’t have a problem with people thanking you again.

What can I say… I’m really beginning to be able to read the price action (no indicators or other fancy gadgets) just price. Strength and weakness and where are those other traders most likely to be.

I have to say, though, that it has taken me a lot of hard work and dedication. Believe it or not, I am now just about to start in to your course for the FIFTH time (am I thick or what..I don’t think so, as I am a well qualified guy). I do find that by going over the course again, you pick up stuff you may have forgotten. Also, its imperative to measure every trade you take and use the simulator for as long as it takes to ingrain this stuff into the brain.

It’s no holy grail, but it is, if you know what I mean. The holy grail is about having a strategy and working on it daily, until it becomes almost second nature, but you’ve really got to take on board the ambiguity of trading. Losing (small) is a major part of this game, also I think your expectations (profit-wise) have to be more realistic starting out.

Lance, I’m finally getting there (after almost 3 years trading other systems, spending money on courses and books, losing thousands trading…I was just about to throw in the towel and while I have plenty more area’s of my game plan to tie down), I’m definitely getting there.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, cheers from the ”not so thick” Irishman,


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“I have purchased both your e-books, finishing the YTC Price Action Trader last year and the Scalper I’m still going through for the second time!!

l just want to say after 2-3 years of learning, spending time and money on courses that to be honest was a load of #”@*!! I have found yours amazing!!

And I feel for the first time I can actually trust someone.”

… Ant B.

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“First of all I would like to thank you for the great e-book YTC Price Action Trader.

I had been trading for two years and was not able to become consistently profitable. But after reading your book I suddenly found the missing link and the way I approached the market totally changed.

Now I am starting to see my trading results improve each week.

So thank you once again.”

… Sharad S.

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“Well, finally went ahead and bought YTC Price Action Trader. Glad I did. Speed read it to part way through Vol 3 so far and am very impressed.

Well written. Well set out.

So much information and relatively easy to understand to anyone with some basic knowledge of markets and trading.

Just what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot.”

… Chris E.

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“Hi Lance,

Just wanted to say, that I have been looking around for something that fits my way of thinking. I have only just started getting into reading price, as the strategy from before was an MA cross with stochastic and MACD cross. I was noting that I was often correct, but got in too late and was getting stopped out all the time! I was also noticing that there was a lot of the move that I was missing with the MA cross technique, so I wanted to start getting into the price, and that’s when I found your YTC Price Action Trader course.

You have answered all my questions and more so thank you for that!

I am really starting to see the price action unfolding in front of me, and its great.

So thank you, it would have taken me years to get to this point on my own.

Thanks again.”

…Dylan B.

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“I’d like to say thank you – your Price Action Trader book is simply stunning – I have NEVER read anything like it and boy if I had it 5 yrs ago I would be WAY ahead of the curve – THANK YOU very much.

It really is worth WAY much more than you charge.”

…Mark G.

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“Thank you for all the educational materials you provide via YTC website, newsletters and for the superb YTC Price Action Trader course – this is undoubtedly the trading course par excellence.

… Murali.

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“I just wanted to thank you for your work on books, website and blog!!! You are doing great job!!!

I’ve read YTC Price Action Trader and YTC Scalper and both of them provide a lot of great and useful information!

I think those are the best books I’ve ever read!!!


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“Not to boost your ego too much but I have to give you further praise on the YTC Trader book (haven’t yet gotten to the scalper). In terms of a comprehensive program it is one of the best I have ever read, and I have a big library of trading books. Maybe not necessarily new material (nothing is as you know), but well organized, concise, and logical. I feel I have good knowledge but am ADHD and fall victim to reactive thinking as a result of too much micro focus. Your approach does an excellent job of mapping out a more macro process. As I review it again and again I appreciate just how instructive it is. I may be a little biased since I have spent an enormous amount of time studying price action but I only wish I found your work earlier. Your thoughtful responses to my questions tell me you have a sincere desire to help. I wish you all the best in growing your education business.”

… Rich B

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“I downloaded both your YTC PAT and Scalper eBooks and thought they were extremely good. It has been a big struggle finding decent trading advice online (and off) as there’s so much nonsense out there but I found your books very insightful and close to the system I now use to trade with. I also follow your blog emails with interest – it’s always useful seeing examples to help fine tune things.”

… Ed G.

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“Just wanted to thank you for your books.

Its definitely the most valuable material I have ever read!

As a trading novice after few weeks of papertrading fiasco with EMA pullbacks trading I realized that I know nothing about what’s really happening in the market. I started searching for “better system” but it took only few weeks. I knew that I need to understand real core of price movement.

I have found out that my holy grail is actually understanding the context of the market and your books are helping me to make it a lot.”

… Tomas M.

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“I´m a avid reader of yours and found the book (YTC Price Action Trader) of tremendous value.

My trading gapped to another level.

… Luis G.

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I want to thank you for writing the YTC Price Action course. It has completely changed the way I look at the markets. They are now people not numbers. I am still studying the manual and using it exclusively to trade price action.

My trade journal has an upward sloping 20 day moving average.

I believe the part in the course where you explain _________ was the turning point in my trading.

Anyway thanks for all you do and I look forward to reading everything you have to say about trading.

… Jim

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“Hi Lance, many thanks for writing an awesome volume of work, my trading has improved measurably since I implemented your teachings! “

… Jay

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